Presently, we are offering VIDEO CHAT lessons through WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype and Zoom.
We welcome your inquires.

In service of COVID-19 safety protocols, our primary objective to preserve social boundaries and protect our neighbors and friends throughout Brooklyn and the country at large, we are not scheduling any in-person lessons or group classes at this time. Thank you for understanding.


We are offering VIDEO CHAT or PHONE lessons daily and would be happy to give your further details.
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Our Video Chat lessons are available daily and we have very flexible scheduling. We encourage your whole family to be a part of the training and we tailor our lessons to your individual situation and the limits of our current global predicament.

We offer PUPPY STARTER VIDEO CHATS for as little as $50-100$ [scale based on duration of chat]

These are some issues that respond well to Video Chat training.

PUPPY STARTER [pups under 6 months]
RESCUE DOG STARTER [newly adopted rescue dogs]
HYPER-DRIVE [you know if this is your dog]

We're happy to discuss what your dog needs.
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Puppy Kindergarten

Our Puppy Kindergarten classes are designed to bridge the gap between bringing your dog home and when he is legally able to go outside. Classes are held in clean, safe indoor spaces and are designed for dogs 8-18 weeks who are not "street legal" and haven't finished their vaccinations!.
Click HERE for more information on this.
Pups must be under 18 weeks old to begin this class.


•Basic Commands [sit, down, coming when called]
•Greeting House Guests calmly.
•Off leash play with other pups
•Preventing Destruction & Separation Issues

•Curbing Puppy Nipping & Biting
•Preventing Barking
• Time Managment
"What do I do with my pup while I'm at work all day?"
•How to successfully expose your dog to the sights and sounds of a big city.
•Calmly Greeting Dogs and People on Leash.
•Maximizing Your Training Time.
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Dog Behavior Experts believe that attendance in Puppy Kindergarten class provides the most lasting influence toward raising a friendly and well mannered family pet!
Click HERE to read about the benefits of beginning puppy classes as early as 8 weeks of age.

Small Dogs Rule! [obedience for toy breeds]

For the wee ones! A pet dog obedience class tailored to dogs 20 lbs and under. Similar topics as Pet Dog Obedience, with an added concentration on socializing off leash, barking, remedial housetraining and treating mild fearfulness. If your dog has a serious fear or biting problem, you should seek professional advice in a private consultation.

Basic Pet Dog Obedience

For well socialized dogs over 5 months old. Basic Pet Dog manners and general obedience commands. Also answers questions liks, "How do I keep my dog from jumping on people?", "How do I stop my dog from destroying things in the house?", and "What can I do with my dog when I'm at work all day?".
General obedience includes sit, down, stay, coming when called, walking on leash, calmly greeting people on leash and more. We will work both inside and ouside on leash.

"Street Smarts" for Dogs

A crash course in all the basics needed to manage your dog on the slick city streets. Waiting at curbs, Coffee at the Cafe, Greeting Dogs & People and much more. Designed for well socialized dogs with basic training or manners. Most of this class is taught outside on the shiny streets of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Urban Agility® NEW!

Five weeks of URBAN-environment-inspired agility using the streets, parks and basic household furniture to practice navigating obstacles for fun and exercise. Teaches dogs advanced "placement" and obstacle negotiation. Can be a precursor to formal agility or a more accessible alternative. Dogs 40 lbs and under.

Frisbee Catching Seminar

Our popular frisbee catching seminar to teach ANY size dog to catch a frisbee. We've taught Chihuahuas to Mastiffs. Your dog too can catch a frisbee!

Energy Burning in Young, Rowdy Dogs

The very first seminar of it's kind, designed to deal with energetic, rowdy dogs. We'll discuss management techniques and ways to conveniently tire out your energetic pooch.

Introduction to Clicker Training

Empire of the Dog has been teaching clicker training for over ten years, and also has commercially produced clicker training kits on the retail market. Join us in this class to learn the basics of using a clicker to expand your dog's training potential.

Baby makes four?

Two day seminar addressing preparing your dog for the new baby. From preparing for the newborn, to the toddler years. Email us HERE.