"To strengthen the human-animal bond through education and training. Endeavoring each day to train humans and animals with humanity, compassion and positive reinforcement."

We use only the most progressive teaching tools, based in learning theory and positive reinforcement to modify your dog's behavior. We choose stress-free, dog-friendly methods that you and your family can safely and comfortably maintain on your own.


Behaviorist / Behavior Counselor/Behavior Specialist?

Many of the above terms are used to imply a scientific 'behavior degree' or title where none exists. A TRUE animal behaviorist is certified through the Animal Behavior Society, or the College of Veterinary Medicine. A Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist has completed secondary education to a DOCTORAL level and will often follow their name with CAAB, and a PhD. Beware of anyone referring to themselves as a "BEHAVIORIST" and implying credentials and experience they do not have.