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Private In-home Consults

"FIX IT" sessions
Many behavior issues can be resolved in a single consult. Our consults are 1.5 hours long and take place in your home. We allow you to priortize the issues you would like our help with and we systematically address them during our time together. You'll receive detailed notes for upkeep and exercises to continue working on. Occasionally a second consult may be recommended. Support via phone and email is free. Most of our clients see vast improvements after a single session.
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•Mild Separation Anxiety
•Boredom Barking
•Excitement Jumping
•Pulling on Leash
•General Rowdiness
•Chewing & Destruction
•Nuisance Barking

**Some behavior issues are serious and require an extra commitment from both the owner and the trainer. We take on a limited number of cases involving aggression to people, pets or other dogs. Feel free to call us to discuss any serious behavior problems. If we cannot take your case, we would be happy to refer you to another equally competent trainer.

Group Classes

Group instruction is a great supplement to private instruction as well as a structured way to work your dog around distractions. Our group classes meet weekly so that you get consistent training and feedback. The entire family can participate in group classes and are encouraged to do so. Prices for group classes range from $100-$250. Group class information and scheduling is here.
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Presently we offer these group classes

•Puppy Kindergarten
•Small Dog Obedience
•Urban Agility [new!]

•Basic Obedience for Adolescent Dogs
•Tricks 101
•Tricks 101 for small dogs

Small Dog Training

Denise Herman began the first small dog playgroups in NYC in 2000. She is the proud parent of her 2nd [surprise] Chihuahua and is very familiar with the challenges of parenting a small dog. Barking, fear, and housetraining are just some areas where small dogs present an added challenge. For help in these areas and others, Denise has successful strategies for dealing with smaller dogs.

Pre Puppy Counseling

We can provide you with assistance selecting a new puppy or a rescue dog. We interview you to determine what type of dog might work for you and we coach you on what to look for in any dog or puppy you are considering. We can accompany you to assist in picking a proper pooch. Through rescue we have placed many great dogs in new, permanent homes.

Expecting a new dog?
Ian Dunbar and Sirius Puppy Training are GIVING AWAY digital copies of "BEFORE YOU GET YOUR PUPPY" an awesome book of how to's to get you ready. Dr. Ian Dunbar pioneered Puppy Classes and Positive Training close to 30 years ago. This is not to be missed.

Phone Consulting

We offer consulting via telephone on a limited basis when appropriate. Consulting rates are 50.00/hr. The following topics can often be addressed during a phone consult.
•Mild to Moderate Separation Anxiety
•General Rowdiness
•Clicker Training

We do not consult on the phone for aggression issues.

Lectures & Demonstrations

Denise is available to speak on dog behavior, behavior problems, learning theory, becoming a dog trainer and other topics relating to dogs. You can view some of her lectures on We offer lectures on Rowdy Dogs, Housetraining, Leash Walking, Frisbee Training and more. Denise's training video's are available online HERE

Ask A Trainer

Ask your questions here.

Read some Q and A here.

Clicker Training

Wondering what all the buzz is about clicker training? Denise can teach you and your dog the "art" of clicker training. Learn what professionals use to train their dogs.Quick and Fun. Kids really enjoy clicker training. Both our PET DOG & TRICKS 101 CLASSES support and encourage clicker training.

Shelter & Rescue Dogs

While working at the San Francisco SPCA, Denise rehabilitated dogs with issues stemming from life in the shelter. Rescue dogs often come to their next home with issues like separation from their owners, housetraining, mild fear or phobias, or conversely over exciteable rowdiness. Usually we can resolve most of these behavior issues in 1-2 session in your home.

If you are adopting a shelter dog and would like help, contact Denise.Click here to see our list of local shelters.